We can offer unmatched customer service about OEM&ODM including material analysis, the optimization of production scheme, processing, post-processing and packaging, analysis and detection, consignment.


Your partnership with HG can offer you:

    1. Production of the formula of your choice,                         manufactured to your specifications;

    2. Material analysis

    3. the optimization of production scheme

    4. Processing

    5. Post-processing

    6. Packaging

    7. Analysis and detection

    8. Consignment.


Equipment for processing: 

 1. Distillation Equipment

 2. Supercritical Extraction Equipment

 3. Microwave Sterilizing

 4. Varous pulverizer and corollary              equipment

 5. Cleaning Room covering 800 m2

 6. Analysis and Testing Instruments

 7. Others



    1. For SCFE, we’ve been working for the research of application, development and industrialization 

        for 20 years.

    2. Low processing cost and high quality.

    3. Rapid turnaround and unmatched customer service.

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