Transfer of Plant Extraction and Separation Technology

1. Plant extraction product which has been researched & developed and put in production are the following:

Rosemary antioxidant series



Banana leaf extract


Angelica extract series

Rhodiola rosea


Fructus schisandrae

Balsam pear


All kinds of aromatic essential oil (angelica oil, carrot seed oil, cinnamon oil, head of jasmine essential oil, osmanthus oil, clove essential oil, sandalwood oil, etc.)

Selvia root extract series

Ginger extract series

Magnolia bark extract series

Cnidium lactone

Lovage extract series


2. Mature industrialization extraction technology:

Super-critical carbon dioxide extraction

Molecular Distillation

Biological Enzymolysisecular Distillation

Membrane Filtration

Counter-current extraction


Traditional water extraction and solvents extraction

Super critical drying

Microwave sterilization and drying

Nanometer extracts or drugs

Nano materials preparation

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