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Final Products

Product Name:Ginger Essence

Latin Name:Zingiber officinale Roscoe

Why do we choose it for feet bath?
  • Warm the cold hands and feet, and treat chilblain.
  • Activate the blood and remove cold
  • Stimulate metabolism and improve sleep
  • Aid Kidney and create a sense of resolve or optimism in your life
  • Expel waste and slow ageing
  • Get rid of athlete's foot and foot odor
  • Relieve varices
  • Alleviate rheumatism and arthritis
How to use it?
Take one bag ginger essence into a bucket or barrel with 8-10kg 45℃ water (it’s better to cover the middle of shank)for 30 min.

Is there anything we need to be noted?
1. The temperature of water should not be so high, and 45℃ is better.
2. It’s better not to bath the feet in half an hour after the dinner.
3. It’s normal to swear when you have a feet bath. You can take some warm water to relieve.

What kind of person is it for?
Applies to chills, cold feet and hands, joint pain, physical weakness, weakness and other cold blood deficiency of the crowd.

Final Products

  • Ginger Essence

  • Capsule for Antioxidant

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